Overall Connection System

Nothing ends a day in the snow faster than getting snow in the pants. With the namuk “Overall Connection System,” our ski jackets and pants can be zipped together easily, protecting kids from invading snow even on the swiftest sled rides. Even different sizes and models from different seasons can be zipped together, easy-peasy.

EtaProof® fabric

EtaProof® is waterproof, absolutely windproof and provides the excellent breathability that can only come from a natural material. The fabric is made of organic cotton and is made in Switzerland. If EtaProof® comes in contact with water, the cotton fibers swell by about 10%, causing the pores to completely close. This makes the fabric so dense that it can completely withstand rain, even over a longer period - but still retain its high breathability. “On your mark, get set, go?” Not a problem, even in so-called bad weather.

Invisible reflecting details

It can be hard to see kids at dusk and in the dark. Our virtually invisible prints reflect light, enhancing safety. And of course, they look great, too.

Hidden suspenders

Outside in the snow or in the woods, overalls are great. Inside a restaurant, they’re not so great, as it suddenly gets so warm that kids need to take off the upper part of the overall. That’s where our hidden suspenders come in. There’s no more need for the tedious cycle of knotting sleeves around the hips, only to tighten them every few minutes because the knot keeps loosening. Instead, just pull the suspenders out of their integrated pocket and the overall will sit as comfortably as any pants.

Drop seat zipper

Kids playing outside shouldn’t have to go just because they have to GO. That’s why we developed our integrated potty zipper. It’s made for those times when activities in the great outdoors last a while: Simply open the zipper around the hips, take care of business, close the zipper, and carry on!