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  • The Allrounder.

    Good things come to those who wait: Case in point our perfect bib-style rain pants. Oh how we researched and tinkered until we managed to solve the problem; namely that waterproof pants are well waterproof. Too often they leave kids wet not from the rain but from their own sweat which doesn’t get to evaporate.

    We now finally present our first legwear for those days when the rain is pelting from all sides: Dan. Made from an extremely robust yet soft material totally waterproof yet breathable. And completely PFC-free to boot.

    Dan is equipped with the Overall Connector Zipper allowing the pants to combine with our rain jackets Chip and Snick – thanks to our new Litin connector – to create the ultimate wind- and waterproof overall. And the same goes for our snow jackets which have the connector built in – ideal for example for families that aren’t winter sport junkies but need an affordable solution for a handful of school sledding outings.

    Because nothing’s worse than ending a spectacular sledding fail with a load of snow in the underwear.